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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  January 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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cairo... the conditions you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. looting and lawlessness spread across cairo. the conditions tonight as a curfew is imposed and the steps taken to control the violence. >> a calm, quiet moment for the block to suddenly fill up with ten police cars and policemen out on the sidewalks with guns pulled. oakland officers kill a third man this week. what caused today's confrontation that the chief said gave them little choice. and a busy bank robber strikes again. where he may not be who he appeared to be. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. >> down down with hosni mubarak. a growing call for democratic change in egypt. hundreds walked down market to
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show their solidarity with protestors half a world away. tonight, the crisis in egypt is deepening, the violence is spreading while president hosni mubarak has made changes in his government it seems only his resignation will satisfy demonstrators. scott goldberg on the support for the protests spreading around the world. >> reporter: a police van pushed protestors back in alexandria, egypt, but nothing has contained the anger spilling out all over the city. they lit vehicles on fire. attacked police stations. and rioted in the streets. >> they are doing this because they feel that this is their country. this is what they have to do. >> reporter: an army commander warned a crowd of thousands in cairo to stay inside once night fell. but many ignored the 4:00 p.m. curfew president hosni mubarak swore in a vice president for the first time in 30 years. suggesting that the violent
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protests may have forced the leader to create a succession plan. hundreds of protestors gathered at the united nations saturday afternoon. one of more than a dozen demonstrations across the u.s. >> reporter: the protestors say they came here to express solidarity with the people protesting on the streets of egypt and to call on the obama administration to take a tougher stand. >> you should tell him to step down. obama should tell hosni mubarak to step down. >> reporter: more protestors gathered in boston. chicago. and washington. at the white house, president obama met with his national security team. the president reiterated the need for egypt to use restraint against the uprising. at the united nations, scott goldberg for cbs news. of grave concern tonight for the white house and families of people living in
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egypt is the cutting off of communications. internet access and cell phone service has been shut off inside the country leaving many in this country to worry and wonder about their loved ones. it was a development that did not sit well in washington. >> we urge the egyptian authorities to allow peaceful protests and to reverse the unprecedented step it has taken to cut off communications. >> international journalists have been restricted as well and cameras have been confiscated. by saturday evening in egypt some internet connections had been restored. for the third time in a week oakland law enforcement has shot and killed a man. the latest incident happened this morning in the 5500 block of taft in the rockridge portion of the city. don knapp on why the police chief says officers had no choice. >> reporter: police say they shot and killed a man wielding what they called a replica
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assault weapon. one apparently not capable of firing a shot. the shooting came when police answered a call on taft avenue between college and broadway. as they approached a home, they saw a man dressed in camofloge. >> as they got up the stairs, a gentleman -- we have not confirmed his name yet -- exited the home and confronted the officers armed with an automatic rifle. the officers immediately opened fire on the gentlemen which ended his life. there were three officers that were involved in the shooting. we determined later on that the weapon was a replica assault weapon. >> reporter: while it may have been a difficult call for officers facing what they thought was an armed man, a visitor to the neighborhood saw it differently. >> it was a calm, quiet morning for the block to suddenly fill up with 10 police cars and policemen out on the sidewalk with shotguns pointed it out in
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a residential neighborhood seems totally inappropriate. >> i don't like it. it is very scary and very upsetting. and i don't know. just too many criminals on the streets is what it is. and not enough police. >> reporter: it is the second oakland officer involved shooting in three days. on wednesday police shot and killed 19-year-old martin flena. police say he ran from the car and showed two guns. last weekend a police officer with the oakland schools shot and killed rahim brown as he sat in a stolen car at a school dance. he was shot as he stabbed at a police officer with a screwdriver. in every neighborhood where violence happens the scar lingers for a long time. we thought of that as we saw a group of young girls go to a birthday party next door. they looked over and went inside. they won't soon forget what they saw.
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a bank robber has stuck again possibly his 13th holdup in 18 months. his latest hit was last night in santa barbara. police say the description fits previous robberies from bakersfield to san diego. dark blazer and baseball cap. he appears to be elderly and is usually armed but some speculate the thief isn't old at all, just a young man in disguise. despite the tragedy in tucson three weeks ago today, jackie spear resumed her congress on the corner event. her congressional colleague gabrielle giffords was holding a similar event when she and 18 others were shot. six fatally. spear introduced a resolution designating the first saturday in january as national congress on your corner day in honor of giffords. a packed house today in san jose as mayor chuck reed reached out to the community to get input on the city's budget
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priorities for the 2011/2012 fiscal year. members of neighborhood associations and the youth commission were invited to offer ideas. san jose faces a projected $110 million deficit in the next fiscal year. and east oakland has cut the ribbon on its new $15 million library. the 21,000-foot facility is state of the art and given the highest ratings for energy efficiency. it serves surrounding neighborhoods and two adjacent campuses. it is a scary prospect for some people from san jose to san francisco. a future without caltrain service. the $30 million deficit is threatening to drasticcally cut service. how the public is pulling together to keep the trains running. >> we are devastated. >> reporter: caltrain cuts seem inevitable starting july 1st. >> no trains in the early morning. no midday trains.
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no evening trains. no weekend trains. no special services to the giants games. >> how are we going to get from point a to point b when we have to work. >> reporter: the caltrain board is about to declare another fiscal emergency for the third straight year. this time it is a record deficit of $30 million. one third of its operating budget. >> if they raise the prices and everything and now they say they have no money -- >> reporter: prices did rise january 1st. >> raising fares doesn't close a $30 million gap. >> welcome to caltrain. >> reporter: most of the budget comes from san francisco, san mateo and santa clara county agencies which are hemorrhaging money themselves. one solution, a new tax. >> convincing the electorate in three counties to say yes to a tax that's a steep fund. >> even if you don't ride a bus or training you want to make sure the transit system works. >> reporter: there could be 20,000 more vehicles a day on 280 and 101 without cal train.
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on the peninsula, cbs5. could be a parking perk for some san francisco workers. parking permits might soon be available to nannies. parents say child care providers are forced to park illegally rather than leave kids unattended. the metropolitan authority will tuesday whether to give permits for child care purposes. the fight to free two hikers still being held in iran. where investigators will turn their attention next looking for a 4-year-old boy and his kidnapping. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow. the rain has finally made its way back. more rain to come. we will talk about that next.
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call me. at a fundraiser still being held in iran after 500 days in captivity.... her song for her fiance being performed tonight for a fund-raiser. he is still being held in iran after 500 days in captivity. the works as well from hundreds of local artists. money will be used to expand
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the free the hikers campaign sarah founded. she says she is working with people around the world to get her friends freed. >> reporter: there are many countries that are involved in this and all of them are playing a really constructive role. this is really a global effort. there is an incredible amount of support coming from every corner of the globe. >> the art auction includes photos by shane bauer. the event is going on until 2:00 a.m. at the arts cultural center on branon street. sarah, shane and josh were captured in 2009 for crossing the border into iran. the family of a missing 4- year-old boy is holding a candle light vigil tonight in hopes that juliani cardenas is still alive. they are trying to remain optimistic even as the search of a stanislaus county canal has ended. >> reporter: one day after finding jose rodriguez's silver corolla they call off the
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search. the bodies of the boy and kidnapper will not be found in that area of the canal. >> if the bodies are in the water the potential for them to float downstream are likely. >> reporter: for the last time divers went back into the water thousand dollars followed by two different sonar devices which located another stolen car in the underwater tunnel where rodriguez' car was found. but nothing else. little juliani cardenas' family relieved the search came up empty. holding out hope he is still alive. >> i had to just keep waiting. a miracle has to happen. >> reporter: juliani cardenas' grandmother whose arms the little boy was ripped from speaking for the family today saying juliani cardenas' mother tabatha, eight months pregnant, is resting after nearly two weeks of pleading for her son's safe return. the family believes rodriguez planned the whole thing including rolling down the windows of his corolla to push the empty car into the canal. >> he needed the windows to be open to turn on the car so the
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car can go and press the pedal you know, wherever, so the car can go into the water. >> reporter: while investigators say all evidence points to juliani cardenas and jose rodriguez being in the water they continue to follow all leads. the body of a missing san rafael high school teacher has been found. 53-year-old debra schmitt disappeared ten days ago leaving behind a note saying thank you everyone on her classroom chalkboard. today her body was found in a creek bed not far from her home. police say there was no evidence of foul play but an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death. a family pet beaten, shot and left for dead. a joyful welcome home today. kevin bolted from his berkeley home last month and was later found near death on the side of the road. he spent two weeks in the hospital and ran up vet bills of $10,000. his owners' friends wanted to help and today they held a
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welcome home party and fund- raiser. >> you have a stranger come into your life and just really reek havoc and turn it upside down and just to see the outpouring support of the community, not even just here in oakland, in the san francisco bay area, but the entire country. >> kevin is still limping but he is expected to fully recover. and any donations left over after the vet bills, after they are paid they will be donated to help other animals. lawrence is here. so it was kind of a wet -- didn't seem like rain, seemed misty. >> that's true. a lot of places for the better part of the day. it was more like heavy drizzle outside. but now we are seeing real rain out there. moderate amounts of rainfall showing up around the bay area tonight. looks like things will stay unsettled throughout the night. the main event still to come overnight tonight. a little soaker and it has been sometime since we have seen some. showers showing up all around the bay area. not too much on the golden gate bridge but you can see a little bit wet out there if you're headed around the bay area with roads on the slick side. high-def doppler picking up some of the moisture out there
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as we continue to see unstable air make its way across the bay area. not too well organized yet but i think as we head into early tomorrow morning we will see something more organized moving onshore. in the san jose area pocket of moderate amounts of rainfall moving through that area. morgan hill, watch out here it comes and has been more making its way along the peninsula. a cell making its way across the bay in towards the half moon bay area. danville you've got rain coming in your direction probably the next 10 minutes or so. concord receiving moderate amounts of rain as well. more scattered showers continuing up in the north bay. widely scattered. sonoma. you've got this next band sitting off the coastline. there is more sitting off the immediate coast. we are not done with the rainfall just yet and of course it has been sometime since we have seen any rain at all. i think as we head to tomorrow we are looking at morning rainfall early on and then i think some clearing as we head in towards the afternoon, you'll see sunshine, maybe rainbows. but temperatures will be cool mainly into the 50s. right now looking at 40s and 50s all around the bay area
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this hour. traveling around the state you'll find some showers. some rainfall expected in the monterey area. high country we have got some snow up there. winter weather advisories at 4500 feet. so expect some snow if you're headed in that direction. and then guess what, almost a foot of snow and fresh powder as we head into monday and tuesday. here is your system diving right down along the coastline. carving out right along the coast bringing some very unstable air meaning not only rain but the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms with this system overnight as well and into tomorrow. all right, let's see if we can time it out for you as we head throughout the night tonight. roll the clock over to midnight. scattered showers around the bay area. then as we head into early tomorrow morning look what happens. yes, we got the main system moving onshore. the possibility of some of those thunderstorms rolling on by as well. and if you sleep in you may just miss most of it as it will start to move on out about the middle of the morning and by the afternoon just some scattered showers. that's about it. after that looks like things dry out once again. high pressure begins to sneak
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back into the bay area. valley fog. tule fog. monday, tuesday. wednesday breezy. but dry in the extended forecast. >> i was just asking kim if i sleep in tomorrow. as you said we can. am i going to miss any goods sports on t.v.? >> you might. >> there is a lot of sports. >> at 2:00 a.m. this morning there is a party for the men's australian open final. our producer jan is inviting everyone over. we have got wall-to-wall coverage for college basketball. plus, a little barry manil illo. i'm not kidding. we will head to torrey pines when we come back. next. ,,,, [ son ] my parents always lived in the states,
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we've reached the end of january and that means we've hit the half way point of league play we are really talking about basketball now. it is getting fun. >> several ranked teams going down today. maybe a little more difficult when it comes time to give people their rankings this week. we reached the ends of january and that means we have hit the halfway point of league play for the west coast conference. randy bennett and gaels were riding high after beating gonzaga thursday night. hitting the three before the half to bring st. mary's within two and scored a season high 32 points but portland opened the second half on a 27-2 run. freshman douglas a perfect four for four from downtown and leads with 26 points. jason haniball putting the exclamation point on the win.
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the first loss in league play for st. mary's. >> mary's. no answer how to stop foster. he leads santa clara with 28 points as they hang on to beats lmu. it is the first time the broncos have swept the l.a. schools on the road since 2005. u.s.f. could have moved into a tie with st. mary's. never count out gonzaga who have won ten years in a row. cal on a three game winning streak and two games behind washington. jerome randall was all smiles when his former team jumped out to an 18-point league against oregon. but the ducks got back into the
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game. the jumper cuts cal's league to under 1. under 2 minutes to go. gutierrez to a cutting allen crab for the layup. 18 points for the freshman. cal holds off oregon. ♪[ music ] on his way to becoming stanford's version of blake griffin. do you think the cardinal guards like having him around? 0-4. 14 points on 7 of 9 shooting. puts away oregon state. they win 70-56. over on the women's side stanford blew out oregon state 74-44 for their 12th straight win. peterson scoring a season high 21 points and they beat the ducks 81-65. last week bird was ruled ineligible and forced the pride
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to forefit 16 wins. >> as you can imagine i'm sitting in a room with 15, 16, 17-year-old kids and it was crying. it was yelling. it was hitting walls. the kids, they don't understand that. >> tonight the ncs reversed their decision and ruled bird eligible hours before the game with st. mary's. bird scored 10 points in a 79- 50 win. there has not been a ruling on if they will get back their 16 forfeited wins. round 3 at torrey pines. here is one way to avoid paying $20 for parking. the winless streak will continue for tiger barring a miracle comeback. he shoots a two over 74 and is nine back. phil mickelson's 2011 debut is going much better. a great t shot on the par 3, 16 leaving him an easy birdie putt. 12 under. bill haas will have a chance to
11:26 pm
win on sunday. he lost last week in a playoff and will begin the final 18 holes tied for the lead with phil mickelson. still to come. why kim clijsters was embarrassed to smile at the australian open. it is fight night at the tank. can hershell walker stay undefeated? find out next in sports. ,,,,,,,,
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with a post match interview where she confronted a reporter the australian open turned into the kim clijsters show. beginning with a post match interview where she confronted a reporter who thought she was pregnant. >> let me say what was written in the message. first of all, you said she looks really grumpy and her boobs are bigger. >> my goodness. >> taking on the first ever chinese player to make it to a grand slam final won the first set but kim clijsters regrouped to take the second set 6-3 then finished off the chinese player in the third set. she can now add australian open champ to her resume. kim clijsters' biggest challenge during her stay in melbourne came at the airport. >> we flew to melbourne and at the airport in sydney i actually took out my front tooth and we were waiting for the luggage and everyone was saying good luck, you can do it and i was like thank you.
11:30 pm
i couldn't even open my mouth. i was so embarrassed. it was hammer time at the hank tonight. hershell walker back in the octagon for his second career fight. he dominated scott carson from the opening bell. the match is stopped 3 minutes in and the 48-year-old walker wins by t.k.o. to improve to 2-0. quite a career he has had in his repotting. over 8000 yards as an nfl player. a heist man winner. he has been a successful entrepreneur. manillo was for dennis o'donnell. he is the biggest fan. >> in the sports department. >> thank you, kim. >> we will be right back. ,, it's really delicious, mom.
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year celebration. the flower f e the colorful kickoff to the chinese knew year's celebration. the flower fair is held the weekend before the lunar new year so families can purchase fruit and flowers. flowers are symbolic of wealth. we will see you tomorrow at 5:30 p.m. have a great night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ,, ,,,,,,
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